Thursday, 23 September 2010


Hopefully this blog will cover anything I spend my time thinking about- yet not become the circlejerk or preposterously pretentious that so many blogs become.

Literature, travel, international thinking, politics, history and sport are my bag, as well as self-improvement and comedy. Hopefully you share enough of these to come back regularly.

Coming tomorrow: my account of being alone in a Russian forest near St Petersburg (breaking the pretentious rule already?)

Ps. One thing I hate in life is a blog which is very sporadically updated. Even if it is only a couple of lines- I promise that this one shall remain regularly topped-up with things of interest.


  1. looking forward to your next post

  2. It's apropos that I've followed your blog, I have a neckbeard myself.

  3. Is it true what they say about Russian woods?

  4. Haven't shaved for a couple weeks and hittin neckbeard status myself. Shits cash.

  5. I am a neckbeard, so I am legally obligated to watch this blog. Perhaps you could return the favor, please?