Sunday, 26 September 2010

Sport Sunday- How to stream/watch live football/other sport on your computer for free

The amount of times I have desperately Googled ‘FREE LIVE STREAMING’ or ‘LIVE FOOTBALL STREAM’ etc is becoming silly now. The fact is that pretty much every single sports event that ever will take place, you can access via the internet- even if it’s not on your own domestic TV channels. 
Living the dream
 Hopefully this guide (prepared after years of searching), will help you get you the live sports you want. Also I will use absolute layman’s terms throughout the article. This guide is for beginners.

There are essentially 2 ways of watching the sport you want.
1.      By downloading a viewer, which uses torrent-style technology to get you what you want
2.      By finding an online link directly for the match

1.      For this, you will first need a viewer. You are able download a viewer for free- so don’t bother with those shitty ads telling you that you can get them ‘cheap’. For 80% of cases, all you will need is Sopcast . Other alternatives include TVAnts, TVUPlayer, PPMate, PPLive, PPStream, Feidian, TVKoo, Mysee, UUSee, Coolstreaming, QQLive
When you fire these up, you will invariably be met with two screens, sorta stuck together- a list on one. The list is of channels you can attempt to view.

Note regarding the channels:
a)      they are often mislabelled as to what is on
b)      check if they are on-air or not
c)      if you are looking for a popular sports event, sort by audience watching. Lots of people = popular event

Sopcast in all its glory
The technology used is peer-to-peer. Practically what this means is that it is going to be sucking up a hell of a lot of your bandwidth, so close all instances of the internet you have up.
Often this technique is hit and miss due to problems in translating, but conversely due to the technology used, the more popular the event, the better quality the feed will be.

2.      Finding a site is much simpler in terms of what you need, but can be very difficult to hunt down. The best site I found was IraqGoals, but this has now been down for around 4 days.
In its absence I am told that, Veetle and especially  FromSport are reliable choices.
Sometimes these sites will run their streams through a Sopcast sorta program. In that case, load the website on IE, not Firefox. They will only work on IE.

not this type of Iraq goal

Best of luck team, let me know how it goes, or if you have any tips yourself.

Of course alternately, you could just go to a bar and watch it there (bars pay like £10,000 to have Sky Sports put in, or something similarly obscene- they need all the help they can get).

The Neckbeard.


  1. Gonna check those viewers out, even tho i'm not sure my bandwidth is letting me stream.

  2. I might give this a try, thanks.

  3. Thanks for the info. Going to have to give this a try one day.

  4. Not a huge fan of sports. Can you watch other stuff here?