Thursday, 30 September 2010

FAQ- Sleep Paralysis

 The FAQs of Sleep Paralysis


Yo followers, thanks for your continued support. This post is about Sleep Paralysis, which is something that has affected me for a few years now. Creepy/Interesting shit y'all.

Q. So what actually is sleep paralysis?
A. In one line, it’s like your mind has woken up but your body has not.

Q. So you can’t move?
A. Not whatsoever. You feel completely paralyzed. It is a genuinely scary thing when you put your entire mind into turning your body over, but just nothing happens at all no matter how hard you ‘think’ about doing it.

Q. But you can see everything?
A. The seeing part is odd. It is like you are looking at your room in a dream-like state. It’s like your eyes are only ¼ concentrating on the job of looking around you, so when you finally come to your memory of what your room looked like is hazy and you have no sense of time for how long you were ‘paralyzed’ for- but you can definitely ‘sense’ everything in it. Oh, and then there’s the hallucinations.

Q. Hallucinations?
A. Oh yes. I have heard of people getting visual hallucinations, and indeed they seem pretty common. People have seen things moving in the darkness, reflections of things on mirrors, even things sitting on their chest- just in the corner of their eyes. It’s not trippy colours or anything like that- it’s more like your dreams (or nightmares more often) spilling over into your room.
I in particular get aural hallucinations. Whispering, voices, things moving, even heavy breathing right in my ear. When this is coupled with the feeling of things touching you, it can get pretty damn scary. It is usually for me a sudden burst of this sense of fear that snaps me out of sleep paralysis, and back to being awake.

Q. Hang on, when you are ‘paralyzed’ surely you know what has happened, you know you will be ok, and you know what you see/hear/feel isn’t real?
A. It doesn’t work like that perfectly in practice. I can vaguely remember the first time sleep paralysis happened to me, and it was honestly horrible and shocked me for the rest of the day (I was about 15). Now though I do have a vague feeling of control over the situation, but that never stops the slight feeling of panic that is always present. When the hallucinations begin though, this feeling of panic goes into overdrive- there is very little I can do to stop that bit. Waking up covered in a cold sweat is commonplace.

Q. Sounds shit bro.
A. That’s not a question.

Q. Is it that shit?
A. Well, nah I suppose I can deal with it better than that last bit reads. It can be scary, but it’s similar to when I was 5 and had nightmares in terms of scariness.

Q. Is it ever pretty cool? Like you lying there and just watching someone?
A. Well as I say, I’m never really 100% ‘watching’, because my brain is sorta half asleep I guess. It’s only cool in a sorta ‘now I know what it’s like to be totally disabled and a shut-in way’. That and the ‘I can now write a fairly cool blog post’ type of cool.
Q. Ever think of ghosts?
A. Actually I watched a film a bit ago about some woman who kept getting raped by ghosts (classic date movie), and a lot of what happened to her could be put down to sleep paralysis and the touching hallucination bit.
EDIT: Film was called ‘The Entity’. Actually it was fairly cool. Ghosts getting’ girls, chillin’, bein’ trapped in ice etc

Q. When does this happen then?
A. For me, usually in the morning. It has happened a couple of times when I wake up from a dream in the middle of the night.

Q. And how frequent?
A. Often I get it when I am sleeping in a bed for the first time, have a bad sleeping pattern, and sometimes when I have a dream about sleep paralysis, it immediately merges into it and becomes real at the end.

Q. Daddy or Chips?
A. Give a man chips and he will eat for a day. Give a man Daddy, and his chips will be supplied to him regularly.

Q. What the fuck was that last question?
A. Ask it to everyone. There were riots in the UK because of it. Chips went uneaten, Daddys became lonely. Do research.

Q. What the fuck is this post even turning into?
A. That is all. Goodbye.


  1. Oh, any other questions you want answered, go for it and I'll answer here.

  2. I have had this happen to me before its pretty freaky

  3. I've heard about that, it's fucking scary.

  4. This happened to me a couple weeks ago. I hallucinated and my room was hazy. I was seeing like blue dots floating around. At first I was like "HOLY SHIT" but then i relaxed and was like oh wow. I woke up the next day and my mind was fucking blown.

  5. it's happened to me before and i hated it so much.

  6. This sounds pretty cool. Could you make/post a guide to induce sleep paralysis?

  7. This:
    "Q. Sounds shit bro.
    A. That’s not a question."

    Is fucking epicly funny.

    Good post.

  8. Fucking hell man that sounds like fucking hell man.

  9. i sometimes feel this when i sell on my back so now i sleep on my side it usually doesnt happen anymore

  10. This happened to me after I had a lucid dream. i never want to experience it again!

  11. I had it like once I think, and I was sleeping in the campus library, too. Was kinda freaky.

  12. Sounds shit bro.

  13. I always wished to get sleep paralysis but I never got one.

  14. That sound utterly terrifying! Things "touching" you and being completely unable to move, I'd be sweating liquid panic for sure!

  15. Seems like you started to lose it as you were writing this!

    Good read though :)

  16. I liked your input on my last blog post :)

  17. Did you write this? Good post.

    You should check out /x/ sometime, they have a lot of threads about sleep paralysis.

  18. I hate it when you're half asleep and you can't move.

  19. Cool post bro. A lot of my friends get crazy horrible sleep paralysis. It's mostly induced from doing way too much ketamine and other drugs, though. I have sleep problems too, except I have oversleeping problems... It really sucks -_- Except I have awesome dreams all the time!

  20. man never had this... curious waht it feels like

  21. Why is your blog so fun to read? :)

  22. What he said ^. COUNT ME OUT!

  23. This happened to me a few times, I just remember it as part of my dream. I guess this state prevents sleepwalking, since only half of your brain is awake, the rest is in a dream-state.

  24. Sounds like scary stuff. Have you seen someone about it?

  25. Wow I would hate to have this must be so crazy

  26. Sounds crazy... about the chips and daddys of course

  27. I've only had sleep paralysis once, but holy shit it was scary. I could feel someone holding onto me from behind, and hear them breathing into my ear. I thought that it was my housemate at first, then a burglar, before deciding on the rational explanation of an evil spirit.

  28. Sleep paralysis is the most horrible feeling I have ever experienced!
    It's happened to me a couple times before. All your energy goes into trying to move. It usually happens to me when I sleep on my back, and I also read that is a cause, so now I never ever sleep on my back, which is fine because I don't even like sleeping that way anyways. And it happens right before you're about to fall asleep, or right as you're about to wake up.

    I have a question, is there any way it can become permanent? That's my biggest fear, being completely awake and not being able to move, and then people come in and think you're dead but you're really not.

  29. You, sir, are followed. I remember having sleep paralysis a few times. Anyone ever see the painting of the gremlin stabbing a woman who's sleeping on a slab of stone while a white horse screams in the background?

    That's a painting of an artist's interpretation of sleep paralysis. Wish I remembered what is was called...

    PS - Chips. Just 'cause.

  30. Damn, hope i dont experience this shit

  31. Followed. Sleep paralysis is uncomfortable, to say the least, but it happened often while I was trying to induce lucid dreams. I eventually began to skip over the asleep-but-awake bit, but that shit's no fun.

    I'm over at if you're interested.

    Unrelated: Permanent sleep paralysis? There's something called "locked-in" syndrome, [ ]. Sounds like no fun.